Safety Short Spring 2014.




Safety Short Spring 2020.

      Spring season is coming soon, 


      As we prepare for spring fieldwork, hazardous chemicals will be part of most regiments. Seed has chemical treatments on it, most folks do some type of spraying, be it large tracts of cropland or just the dandelions in the yard. No matter how large or small your spray job it is important to remember that the materials used in these products are hazardous chemicals. Without proper protection from these they can be hazardous to your health and your family’s health.

              Before using any of these materials the label should be checked for information on safe use. The information on the label will give you information about the hazards associated with its use. Some of the information will be what the proper PPE [Personnel Protection Equipment] is. This can be Rubber gloves, goggles, respirator or, perhaps protective overclothes. It’s easy to get careless with chemicals but the truth of the matter is most are easily absorbed through the skin, especially your forehead and groin area. Lungs are also a path for these residues to enter your body. Take precautions with laundering clothing, don’t mix it with the rest of the families, wash it separately.

     First aid information is also on the label. In the case of an accidental poisoning read the label and take it with you if you need to see a doctor so they will know what they are dealing with.

      I might also add for those using Anhydrous Ammonia, in Europe it is classed as a poisonous gas, it is DANGEROUS if mishandled. ALWAYS wear your goggles and gloves when handling this very hazardous and dangerous product. Don’t ask your wife or children to haul tanks or change tanks at the field. Remember to stay upwind when bleeding off valves. Remember flushing with water is the only first aid for Anhydrous. In the case of a release of product, stay upwind and call 911 and Mid State Farmers Coop. Never put yourself in danger as this can be a deadly situation.

     Spring planting is a very rewarding and enjoyable part of farming, take the extra time to read the label, and protect yourself and your family. We want you to be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

     From all your friends here at Mid State Farmers Coop be safe and have a wonderful spring.